For Priests

Latin Mass Montana pursues the New Evangelization through the promotion of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and Sacraments. Answering the call of Second Vatican Council as expressed in Lumen Gentium, we seek to offer our support and cooperation to priests, our spiritual fathers, who are interested in learning more about this wonderful treasure which belongs to the Church's patrimony. Latin Mass Montana exists to offer spiritual, logistical and financial support to achieve this end.

Our primary means of facilitating training for priests is providing the financial and logistical support neccessary to send willing priests to the official training offered by the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). Latin Mass Montana will pay 100% of the costs associated with attending the training.

The FSSP offers a comprehensive 5 day program that focuses on a holistic formation around the Mass, rather than a purely technical exercise, leaving participants with a deeper understanding of their Priesthood and the tools and confidence to continue learning the Latin Mass once home in the parish. 

In addition to providing access to the organized training, Latin Mass Montana can also provide access to the self-education training kits created by the FSSPso that priests can begin or continue their education at home.  

If you are interested or know a priest that is interested in learning and offering the Latin Mass, please contact us.  

 Proper vestments, vessels, and liturgical texts are essential to starting and offering a Latin Mass.  Latin Mass Montana provides assistance with all of these items.  

Latin Mass Montana maintains and continues to acquire all of the essential liturgical items for the Mass, and offers these items on a loan basis to help parishes start offering a Latin Mass as quickly and smoothly as possible.  Once a parish has established a Mass, Latin Mass Montana looks to the local parish to provide the vestments, etc. that are required to maintain a proper Latin Mass community.  

Good books are essential to forming a deeper understanding of the Latin Mass and the related theological, historical, and liturgical dimensions of the Mass. 

Latin Mass Montana is building a selection of key reading material related to the Latin Mass and makes these materials available at no cost to priests. Currently, we will provide a free copy of Resurgent in the Midst of Crisis to any priest of the Diocese of Helena who is interested in learning and offering the Latin Mass. 

 Q. I don't know Latin, what do I do?

Latin Mass Montana can help you learn Latin regardless of your current Latin knowledge.  Just get in touch and we'll provide either educational materials and/or live tutoring, depending on your needs. 

Q. What about altar servers? 

We'll train the men and boys in your parish to serve Mass, so you won't need to worry about training.  


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