How You Can Help Restore Access to the TLM in the Helena Diocese

Recently, Bishop Vetter decided to exercise his option to cancel the Traditional Latin Masses (1962 Missal) in the Diocese of Helena as of Ash Wednesday. You can learn more about that in our press release.

This is a heavy blow to those who've worked so hard over the years to discern a path of fidelity inside the Diocese (rather than via groups like SSPV or SSPX) and who have made numerous sacrifices to do so.

The vibrant and growing communities in Columbia Falls, Helena, and Bozeman (where they were never served even under Summorum Pontificum) will have to regroup and assess next steps, and therefore we wanted to offer a few recommendations at this juncture.

Latin Mass Montana will continue to aggressively lobby and operate in numerous ways for the restoration of Diocesan access to the Sacrifice of the Mass and Sacraments according to the Missal of 1962 and we hope you'll join us with your prayers, sacrifices, and volunteer efforts.

Here are some next steps you can take right now:

1. Ensure you're on our email list by providing your information on our sign up form

2. Ensure you provide us with the type of activity you'd like to take by filling out this form. If you've already signed up, just fill out the form again by filling out the new fields for action items, closest Mass location to you, and preferred new Mass location.

3. Ensure you provide your input on the Synodal "intake form" that the Helena Diocese has running. Nota bene: even if they don't listen, we can ensure they know we won't be just going away by filling out the form.

4. Thank the priests who have offered or advocated for the TLM in the Helena Diocese. Gratitude goes a long way, and a number of the priests in the Helena Diocese have made sacrifices and stuck their neck out for the TLM at some point and deserve a thank you right now.

They are: Fr. Christofferson, Fr. Tolleson, Fr. Lebsock, Fr. Raftis, and Fr. Val Zdilla (advocated for Bozeman access). Fr. Tallman, now deceased, offered the TLM as well so pray for the repose of his soul.

5. Pray and fast for a resolution to the situation. This is definitely a battle against Principalities and Powers and other such demons so we need to ensure we work first and always towards our salvation and that of others in all we do.

We will be providing more information going forward, so please watch for our next communications.

Virgo Potens, Ora Pro Nobis. St. Edmund Campion and the Recusants, pray for us.


St. Patrick Breastplate Prayer - TLM Restoration Novena

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