Transcript of Fr. Raftis TLM Cancellation Homily

This is the full transcript of Fr. Raftis' homily, provided by Fr. Raftis:

In holy obedience to the Vicar of Christ on earth and to Bishop Vetter, and in keeping with Traditionis Custodes, I am to refrain from offering the Mass according to the Tridentine Rite as well as administer the Sacraments in the Latin Rite. However, I will begin to offer the Mass of Vatican II, or the Novus Ordo, in Latin, Ad Orientem, as of the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday, giving Communion to the faithful kneeling and on the tongue. The Mass of Vatican II celebrated in Latin is very similar to the Mass at which we now worship.

Bishop Vetter contacted me a few weeks ago with this news which I imparted to the leaders of Latin Mass Montana, Tyler Ament and Dave Wrobleski. Tyler wrote a letter to the Bishop which he read at a meeting on Tuesday, February 1st, during his Catholic Schools Week visitation in Kalispell.

The Bishop cited the “bination” restriction in that a priest may not offer a Latin Mass on the same day as a Novus Ordo Mass is offered, and he said that things “had changed” since the original Motu Proprio issued by the Holy Father, which therefore left him instructing me to not “binate.”

I would like to ask you at this time to continue to offer prayers for the Holy Father, for Bishop Vetter, and myself and for each other during this time of adjustment. Bishop knows that this is a challenging change in that you love the Mass of the ages, but it is well for us to remember that the Eucharistic Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Pope Francis had pointed out that there were/are grave abuses in the Novus Ordo. I know that many of you, like myself, have had to endure abuses and blasphemous and sacrilegious words and actions at various Novus Ordo Masses which include, but are not restricted to: clown Masses; heretical hymns; pop music; invalid matter for the Eucharist attempted to be confected, the removal of Our Lord’s Tabernacle into obscure and unfitting back rooms; and changing the language in the name of “inclusive language” or “modern relevance” which attempt to render the Mass an impersonal and politically correct form of entertainment.

Mr. Phil Lawler, who is a writer for “Catholic Culture,” wrote a very interesting article that contradicted the myth that those who are Traditional deny the Novus Ordo. Lawler points out certain facts: 70% of practicing Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. 1% of practicing Catholics go to the Traditional Mass, and I know that to a person here, 100% of the faithful who attend the Latin Mass present believe in the Real Presence and your Spirit reflects that of the remaining 1% throughout the country. The syllogism is evident in that Lawler points out that “...among Catholics who attend Mass regularly in ordinary parishes, and overwhelming majority reject the validity of the Novus Ordo liturgy!” Lawler says that “The Novus Ordo is valid: the Eucharist is the Real Presence of Christ.” However, that Doctrine - which is key to the deposit of Faith - has not been taught by priests, catechists, and parents.

Lawler also gives us an admonition: “The new Vatican restrictions require bishops to ensure that any remaining traditionalist communities accept the validity of Vatian II and the post-conciliar reforms.” However, “Consistency suggests that the same standards should be applied to every Catholic parish.”

I repeatedly teach about the Real and True Presence at my NO Masses and the NO faithful here truly believe in Jesus really and truly in the Eucharist. I have said that they should not present themselves for Communion if they do not.

Thanks be to God, the Bishops recognize and are addressing this grave error. The USCCB prioritized teaching or revivifying the faithful about the Real Presence in the Eucharist. There will be a Eucharistic Congress in Helena concluding with Bishop Vetter processing with Our Lord from Carroll College to the Cathedral of St. Helena. Bishop Vetter has made this a three-year project, Deo Gratias.

I know that many of you feel emotional, sad, and hurt. I want you to know that I’m with you and I’ll do the best I can to serve you and to administer the Sacraments with the love of Christ, which conquers all things.

You are free to respond in a manner reflecting a well-formed Catholic conscience. A friend of mine suggested making a Novena to Our Lady for Bishop before communicating with him as is your right to do if that is what you wish to do.

It may be well just to take a few days to reflect and pray and ask Our Lord and Lady to console us and then instruct us what to do. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, and to NOT let the Devil attack us by filling us with fear. The battle between God and Satan is in our hearts. If we are obedient, then we steal power from the devil who wants us to be divided. Don’t let the Enemy make things worse. The demonic will attack our weaknesses in every way at this time. We are to pray “Jesus, I trust in You.” We should reject and renounce any hatred. St. Padre Pio, who had a eight-year term of not being able to celebrate Mass publicly, was obedient and he is victorious.

St. Rita’s Mother Superior commanded Sister Rita to pick up a stick, to plant it and water it every day. Sister Rita never challenged this daily task of obedience although many of the nuns in the convent laughed and made fun of her.  After a year of care, the stick blossomed into a beautiful grape vine.  The grapes were used to make the sacramental wine used in daily liturgy.  The vine is still growing in her convent today, it is over 600 years old and to this day the grapes are harvested, sent to Vatican and are given as a gift to world dignitaries.

Jesus was obedient to the Father, humbling himself to become Our Brother who underwent unimaginable physical, spiritual, and psychological torture for the salvation of Our Souls. He promised that he is with us always. He will not leave us orphans. This is an opportunity to make an act of trust to Our Lord and to ask Our Lady, St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints to protect us and guide us.

Let us pray that we are beacons of the light, hope, and the love of the Holy Family in order to be living witnesses of Christ-like obedience both in and out of season.

Over the last five and a half years, cooperating with the grace of the Sacraments, we have built a beautiful and loving community making friends in Christ. It is important for us to build on this great gift of friendship from God.

You are and will be apostles of the Real Presence by your actions and words. You are all faithful sons and daughters of the Church. All of you are integral and loved members of the Body of Christ here and in the Universal Church. We need your witness. We need to be joyful believers, and to re-realize that charity holds primacy in our life in Christ.


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